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Kabul University Blast Kills 8, injures 33

                                Written by Abdul Shokoor Gheyaci                                                                                                  19 July 2019

Afghan officials said eight people have been killed and 33 injured in an explosion at the entrance to Kabul University.

Afghan officials said eight people were killed in an explosion at Kabul University this morning.

Kabul police spokesman Ferdows Faramarz confirmed the blast and said details of the news would be released later.

The blast occurred while amros were scheduled to hold judicial and medical exams at Kabul University, with a number of students outside the university.

According to Kabul police sources, the blast was caused by a magnetic mine explosion, and police forces managed to defuse another mine planted in a car near the university.

Wahid Mayar, spokesman for the Afghan Ministry of Health, said the blast took place at Kabul University this morning.

So far, eight dead and 33 wounded have been taken to Kabul hospital and all the injured are being treated, he said.

An eyewitness told Reuters: "The explosion occurred when a number of students were waiting to enter kabul university and after the explosion a car caught fire.

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