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Two blasts in Kabul; Police Force Doubles in Capital

     Written by Abdul Shokoor Gheyaci                                                                                                    28 Dec 2020

Two explosions killed one and wounded a number of civilians in Kabul this morning. Kabul police have reported the death of one person and the wounding of 13 people.

This afternoon, a minibus carrying employees of Afghanistan's Central Statistics and Population Registry (NDS) was targeted by a magnetic bomb and a number of employees were injured.

The attack took place at 3:45 p.m. local time in kabul's seventh district of the crossing area, killing one person and wounding 13 civilians, Kabul police spokesman Ferdows Faramarz said.

According to him, a "magnetic mine" embedded in a bicycle exploded in the path of an employee's minibus.

Kabul police said at 7:50 a.m. local time, an Afghan secu  rity force vehicle was targeted by magnetic mines in the 4th district of Kabul city in the Kolola-peshteh area, which did not cause any casualties.

As insecurity in Kabul increases, First Vice President Amrullah Saleh reported on his daily security meetings and said that the Afghan presidency is expected to double the police organization in Kabul based on a plan proposed at the meetings.

A comparative assessment shows that even in a state of stability and calm in Kabul, the city has the lowest number of police than its population globally, especially third-world countries, he said.

Saleh has said that recruitment of new recruits will be done with patience and care, and that those who do not meet the criteria will not be recruited. These criteria will be set soon, he added, but one of them will be to have basic knowledge of discovery and research.

According to him, until this goal, security and control of mountain outposts have been handed over to the army and outposts of institutions and part of the ministries to the public protection forces.

In recent months, although Kabul city has not seen a large number of major attacks, there has been a significant increase in the explosion of magnetic mines and targeted assassinations in the city.

The increase in insecurity has resulted in a lot of criticism from the security forces and the government's failure to provide security in Kabul.

Kabul has a population of 5.2 million, according to the latest official estimate by the Afghan government this year.

According to international standards, seven policemen are employed for every 10,000 people, the statistics of Kabul police forces have not been released due to security sensitivities and it is unclear how many police forces are obliged in Kabul.

The official number of police forces in all of Afghanistan is currently over 250,000. Most of these forces are fighting insurgent groups, including the Taliban, alongside the army.

About two months ago, the Interior Ministry announced the abolition of local police forces within three months, which said more than 11,000 of them would join the local army after training and nearly 11,000.

Local police are locals formed in 2010 but were criticized for their inefficiency and affiliation.

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